Dental Assistant

The Dental Assistant performs many tasks, ranging from patient care to record keeping in a general dental office under the direct supervision of the Dentist. Expanded Duties Dental Assistants are able to perform multiple functions such as placing fillings, sealants, and fabricating crowns and bridges for the patient. This position enables the assistant to have more direct patient care in the practice. Assistants may work in specialty dental practices such as Orthodontists, Endodontists, and Periodontists offices. After completion of all courses, the assistant is employable in any general business or clinical position.

X-Ray Certification

IDT is a Continuing Education provider approved by the Kentucky Board of Dentistry for Radiation Safety and X-ray Technique. Get X-Ray certified by taking the Radiation Health and Safety Exam. We offer a 12 hour radiation safety and x ray techniques course for the State of Kentucky. You will get hands on training on the proper procedures of taking dental radiographs at the convenience of our facility.